Technical Information

GRP is strong, versatile, lightweight and economic. The main benefits of GRP are as follows:

- Lightweight

- Resistant to corrosion

- Strong and durable

- Electrical insulation properties

- Thermal insulation properties

- UV resistant

- Non toxic

- Easy installation

- Impervious to bacteriological growth and suitable in all climates

Carbon fibre is lighter and stiffer than fibreglass of the same size and has exceptional mechanical properties resistant to bending and torsional forces.

GRP Properties

Unidirectional (GRP rods & tubes up to 31.8mm) & Cross Directional (tubes over 31.8mm)

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Carbon Fibre Properties (VINYLESTER)

Unidirectional & pullbraided upto 14mm diameter

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Carbon Fibre Properties (EPOXY)

Pullwound carbon tubes over 15mm

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GRP Structural Properties

Structural (GRP angles, GRP channels and GRP box sections)

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